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The Grandhotel Schönegg - the history

The Grandhotel Schönegg - the history


Adolf Andenmatten built the Restaurant Schönegg.


The community of heirs of Andreas Julen buys the Schönegg.

11th Feb. 1947

Johann Julen, son of Andreas, takes over the Schönegg and moves with his wife and their children into the first floor of the Restaurant.


The restaurant is transformed into the Pension Schönegg; three years later it was re-named into Hotel Schönegg.


The sisters Marie-José and Andrea take over the Hotel Schönegg and the Haus Mondial.


Marie-José takes over the Schönegg on her own
Start of the construction of the tunnel entrance
Andrea transforms the Haus Mondial into the Hotel Alpenroyal.


Demolition of the old Hotel Schönegg

The construction of the Grandhotel Schönegg begins...

24th Feb. 1990

Opening of the Grandhotel Schönegg by the Family Metry-Julen.